welcome to my blog

Now I’m on my own with time on my hands, the blog is to keep my mind active and not feel so isolated.  If it interests anyone else, then that’s a bonus.  300 million blogs on the web, one more can’t do much harm.

I’m fairly average and also unique.  The posts will be about what I’m thinking or doing.  If you get bored please just move on.  There are 300 million others to choose from.

I live in the moors on the west side of the Pennine Hills, not far from Blackburn, Lancashire, in England.  I’m not really on my own, there are also three cats.  It’s a drafty old house.  When it’s warm I cut up trees to burn over the winter.  Sometimes the house is cut off by snow.  When I had a job I had a four-wheel drive so I could get to work.  These days if the snow is thick I just throw another log on the fire and wait for the thaw.

I don’t promise to be original or accurate.  Whatever I come up with has likely been done better by someone else sometime. That includes the name of the blog.  There isn’t any copyright on heresthething, so I can use it, but it’s also the name of Alec Baldwin’s podcast at www.wnyc.org/shows/heresthething.  This has no connection with my blog (though it’s worth a listen). There’s also a technology blog at heresthethingblog.com if you’re interested.

I won’t use the blog for personal material gain.  I’ve no affiliation, investment or other connection with any commercial organization.

When it comes to comments, I’ll keep moderation to a minimum.  I’m naturally inclined towards freedom of speech, but I can’t allow anything that’s downright illegal.  Strong disagreement is fine as long as it doesn’t turn nasty.  Personal abuse can get boring and I’d like my blog to be interesting.

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